The theaters of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR can be better understood through the innovative model developed by Harvard Business School Professor Kash Rangan, who talks about a platform of three theatres of CSR for evaluating and classifying CSR practices. These three theaters include the wide range of activities that can be described as CSR, and they constitute a … Continue reading The theaters of CSR

What you need to know about Brexit: a historic moment of mourning or celebration?

Friday evening and the clock was 23:00 GMT, Britain cut ties with the EU; the British Flags were quietly lowered, folded and taken away from the many EU buildings of Brussels. This historic moment left the world with a question of whether the UK woke up today the 1st of Feb. on an uncertain future … Continue reading What you need to know about Brexit: a historic moment of mourning or celebration?

Leadership trends

The Fourth Industrial Revolution demanded that CEOs take responsibility for the massive transformation of their businesses and for the astonishing impact that this transformation will have on the wider society and all the stakeholders. Success requires CEOs to develop the right leadership capabilities, workforce skills, and corporate cultures to support digital transformation and become agile … Continue reading Leadership trends

Leadership in times of crisis

The 17th of October marked a new era for Lebanon. The revolution which aimed at combating the unprecedented level of corruption had a very high cost. The level of uncertainty and volatility being witnessed since then has left its repercussions on the economic and financial level in a way that Lebanon hasn’t experienced during the … Continue reading Leadership in times of crisis

Marketing trends shaping customer experience in 2020: what you need to know

Customers have developed voracious appetites for new content. To be visually appealing and to stand out, new content has to be updated in terms of its features, packaging, presence on convenient distribution channels, and digital media friendliness. If these conditions are not favorable, the content occupies the bottom of the feed or even occupies less … Continue reading Marketing trends shaping customer experience in 2020: what you need to know

Trends in Communication

The quality of a certain product or service means nothing unless it is properly unveiled to the public. Keeping the updates of a certain brand or its competitive advantage within the realm of companies alone jeopardizes this brand’s positioning and share in the market. Bad communication would have a disastrous impact on the perception of … Continue reading Trends in Communication

How working together can expedite the change we need

During my childhood and adolescence, I used to be the delivery boy for the whole family, thanks to the mini market near our home in Beirut. Dad used to repeatedly ask me to bring some soft drinks, grocery items, and cigarettes. I was a revolutionary child, and buying cigarettes did not conform to this revolutionary … Continue reading How working together can expedite the change we need

What is Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who deploy innovation and market forces to fill social needs rather than seeking financial rewards (although rewards are not automatically excluded). Many forces are driving this entrepreneurial trend and feeding into it. Bringing lighting to Africa, mobile banking to Bangladesh, and low-cost healthcare to Nepal, among other examples, are social entrepreneurial … Continue reading What is Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and Gen Z

The new entrants into the world of entrepreneurship belong to Generation Z. The members of this generation have become eligible for employment starting 2016. The other option for Gen-Zers is to become entrepreneurial, either by choice—because they have spotted an opportunity in the market place—after which they are called opportunity entrepreneurs, or by compulsion, becoming … Continue reading Entrepreneurship and Gen Z

Appealing to Millennials and Gen Z Cohorts!

On the sidelines of my participation at the Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. The virtual and the real are becoming more interconnected and intertwined than ever before. The line between offline and online is becoming blurred. Smart organizations understand this fact and take advantage of it to create a better presence for themselves … Continue reading Appealing to Millennials and Gen Z Cohorts!